Commercial Businesses: Is Your Carpet Really Clean?

20 September 2021
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If your office is busy throughout the year, you may do all you can to keep your carpet clean. But if you don't use the right cleaning solutions or techniques, your carpet might not be as clean and sanitized as you think. Your carpet may contain a variety of harmful substances, including dust mites and bacteria. Learn more about your carpet and how you can clean it the right way by reading below.

How Clean Is Your Carpet?

You must maintain the carpet in your office regularly to keep it clean and attractive throughout the year. You may even use high-powered vacuums and various carpet-cleaning solutions to clean your flooring. However, the tools you use to clean your carpet may not work as well as you may think. Even if the surfaces of your carpet look clean, your flooring may still harbor debris. 

Debris tends to settle deep within the fibers of the carpet. If you operate a high-traffic office, debris can become even more packed inside your carpet. Some of the debris may actually pass through your flooring and build up on the bare floors beneath it. This may leave your carpet developing an odor that permeates your office.

You can clean and protect the carpet in your office by having it professionally cleaned by a commercial flooring company.

How Do You Really Clean Your Carpet?

A commercial flooring company will use more effective tools and methods to deep clean your carpet, such as steam cleaners. Steam cleaners use intense heat to sanitize, deodorize, and clean your carpet. The equipment not only breaks through the debris coating the surface of your flooring, it also penetrates the fibrous material lying beneath your flooring.

If steam cleaning isn't sufficient enough to clean your carpet, a commercial flooring company will use other techniques during the visit. For example, a company may use high-grade detergents and vacuums to wash and dry your carpet. Detergents make it easier for a company to remove surface and deep-seated debris from the flooring.

A company may schedule your office for future cleanings. The cleanings may help reduce the amount of debris your carpet obtains during the year. You may want to clean your carpets when they become visibly soiled with debris, or you may want to wait until certain times of the year to clean your flooring. Choose a schedule that works best for you.

If you need your office carpet cleaned properly, contact a commercial floor cleaning company today.