Vinyl Siding Could Be The Right Replacement For Your Old Wood Siding

6 January 2023
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If you have an older home with white wood siding that has a lot of wear, consider replacing the siding with vinyl. You can buy vinyl siding that looks like white clapboard siding complete with wood grain patterns. Although the siding isn't authentic wood, it's a lot easier to take care of. Here's why you should consider getting vinyl siding.

You Never Have To Paint It

One of the annoying things about wood siding is that you have to paint it regularly. If you don't keep up with maintenance, the paint starts to peel. Then you have to scrape the old paint off. Vinyl siding doesn't have to be painted. The color goes all the way through the vinyl, so it can't peel off. If you get white clapboard siding, the siding will stay bright white for many years as long as you wash the grime off of it occasionally.

Vinyl Siding Shouldn't Need Much Maintenance

While vinyl can be cracked and destroyed by a bad storm like any other building material, when it comes to daily wear and tear, vinyl is more resistant to damage than wood. Vinyl won't suffer from water damage and rot. It won't be attacked by insects and gnawed away. That means your siding shouldn't need very many repairs. Vinyl siding is so durable and long-lasting that your new siding could last a few decades. If something happens to the siding, the panels are easy to replace or patch.

Vinyl Siding Comes In Different Prices

You can let your budget be your guide when selecting new siding. You can buy economy siding if you have a tight budget and thicker high-quality siding if you can spend more. You can buy siding with insulation attached to the back for improved climate control in your home. Higher-quality siding might last longer, but having a less expensive option makes it easier to get new siding when the price is important.

You Can Choose The Look You Like Best

You might like the look of white clapboard best, especially if your home has had that kind of siding for years, but if you want an entirely new look for your home, you can achieve that goal with vinyl siding. The siding comes in a lot of fun colors. Plus, you can buy panels that mount vertically as well as horizontally. Be sure to look over all the options your installer provides so you're sure to buy siding you love and will be happy with for a long time.