An Epoxy Floor Might Be The Right Choice For Your Small Food Shop

29 June 2022
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If you own a small food shop, such as an indoor hot dog stand or an ice cream shop, choosing the right flooring is important. Commercial floors should always be chosen with care and matched to the type of business you operate. A commercial flooring company may suggest an epoxy floor for your food shop. Here are some reasons why.

Epoxy Flooring Is Easy To Clean

If your shop gets a lot of foot traffic from a local park or beach, people may track in sand and dirt all day. Epoxy flooring can handle the mess without worry about dust and grit getting caught in seams or grooves. The surface of epoxy flooring is smooth and seamless, so it is easy to sweep clean and keep attractive for your customers.

Epoxy Is Waterproof

If your shop sells ice cream, hot dogs, and other snack foods, it probably attracts families. You can expect kids to spill drinks, drop food on the floor, and make other messes in your shop. Spills wipe right up without harming an epoxy floor. If your shop is in an area that might flood when it rains, you won't have to worry about your epoxy floor being ruined. An epoxy coating is like paint, except it has more solids in it, so the coating is waterproof.

Epoxy Floors Are Attractive And Fun

Talk to a commercial flooring company about your options for epoxy floors. There's a floor style to match any type of business. You can choose a bright color to appeal to kids or a neutral color that's soothing for adults. The floor can be polished too so it has a deep shine that makes your shop look extra clean.

A shiny floor reflects light, and that makes your shop look brighter too. An epoxy floor appeals to all ages and works well for a food shop, yet it is tough enough to use in a garage or auto shop.

Epoxy Is A Durable Material

If your commercial flooring company chooses high-quality epoxy with a high percentage of solids, the coating could last for many years and be durable to foot traffic, cleaning, spills, and stains. That means you won't have to worry about new flooring for a long time.

Talk to a commercial flooring company about the process of having an epoxy floor installed. You'll probably need to have the work done when your shop is closed, so if your shop is open seven days a week, you might need to shut down for a day to allow time to apply the floor and let it cure before customers can walk on it again.