4 Benefits Of Regular Hardwood Floor Refinishing

21 January 2022
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After some years of service from your hardwood floors, you may begin to notice signs of damage such as stubborn stains, splinters, dull colors, and huge, visible scratch marks. When the floor is damaged, wiping the floor will not eliminate the blemish. However, if the damage is too noticeable to ignore, it is probably time to consider hardwood floor refinishing. Below are the incredible benefits of the hardwood refinishing project.

1. Increase the Cost-Effectiveness

After detecting damage on your hardwood floors, your first guess could be to schedule a replacement project. Generally, replacing your hardwood floors would be a considerable expense if you remember the initial installation cost.

Unknown to many first-time homeowners, you can polish and refinish your hardwood floors at an affordable price instead of replacing them. Your floors will be good as new if you hire experienced and skilled refinishing experts to do the job.

2. Boost Your Home Value

You probably wonder whether taking on this relatively cost-intensive project would be a good idea for your finances. While its initial costs might be relatively high on paper, hardwood floor refinishing has high returns on your investment.

There are high chances that the project results will increase your home's value. If you plan to sell your house soon, refinished and beautiful floors attract the right home buyers and make it easier to sell the house at a reasonable price.

3. Redefine Your Floors

All blemishes that mask your hardwood floors can be removed through refinishing. First, the specialist will grind down the surfaces, eliminating scratches, splinters, dents, and stains. After wiping the polished surface, the expert will apply a new coat of stain to give your floor a brand-new look. You can choose to change shades and colors to enhance the appearance.

The hardwood refinishing specialist will then cover the newly-stained floors with a sealant to prevent water or fluids from soaking into the planks. As a result, you will have new and appealing hardwood floors at the end of the procedure, which redefines your space.

4. Extend the Floor's Lifespan

Hardwood floor refinishing can only redeem moderately damaged surfaces. In addition, extended abuse due to foot traffic, spills, and other damage could damage your floor beyond repair. At that point, specialists advise hardwood floor replacement over refinishing. However, regular refinishing extends your floor's durability and adds more years to it.

Hardwood refinishing is the first step towards restoring your damaged hardwood flooring. As highlighted, you can take advantage of the benefits of hardwood floor refinishing and improve the value of your home.