Cork Flooring: An Excellent Carpet Replacement For Seniors

21 June 2021
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Older adults are often prone to many types of health issues that may be hard to predict or manage. For example, carpet floors can hold onto features that may be unhealthy for a senior's health. As a result, they may want to consider options like cork flooring to ensure that this problem is minimized in their life.

Carpets May Not Be Good for Some People's Health

Carpet flooring is often quite common in many homes but can be a real problem for senior health. For example, carpet fibers are notoriously dirty and can hold onto a large amount of debris. This mess can include various types of microbes, bacteria, mold, mildew, and more. These items can cause breathing and respiratory issues in seniors that may threaten their life.

Beyond these risks, carpet floors are also very prone to fire danger. Their material not only ignites easily but spreads fire more quickly, creating a potentially deadly threat for seniors. As a result, it may be necessary for them to change their flooring with an option that makes more sense. Harder options are often a significant step, particularly cork flooring materials.

Ways Cork Flooring May Help

Cork flooring is a unique type of material that is designed to provide a surprising range of benefits. For example, cork flooring is naturally resistant to various kinds of dangerous growths, such as mold, mildew, and different types of microbes. These growths are all common concerns for many senior homes and can be eliminated via high-quality cork flooring.

More importantly, cork flooring is also naturally fire-resistant, which is a massive benefit for many seniors. As many of these older adults live alone and may not move quickly if a fire develops, this type of fire-resistant flooring helps minimize the spread of fire. It can even stop a fire from starting because it will take extreme temperatures to cause the cork to ignite and spread flames. 

Cork flooring also provides a broad range of other benefits that make it an exciting choice for older adults. For example, it is pretty durable and can last up to 40 years or longer, ensuring that they do not have to install a new floor in their home. And they are also more comfortable than many types of hard floors because they are soft and easy on the feet, minimizing the potential for physical soreness.

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