When Should You Consider Hardwood Refinishing? 4 Clear Indicators

3 June 2021
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Hardwood floors are a preferred choice for most property owners, owing to their durability and elegance. They are also known to boost property value when installed by professionals. However, you might need to schedule hardwood refinishing to maintain the fine state of the floors as part of the maintenance practices. Refinishing adds life and restores luster to the floors. So, when is the perfect time for hardwood refinishing? Below are some clear indicators it's time to hire professionals for hardwood refinishing.

1. Large Ugly Marks and Scratches

After dragging your furniture or dropping hot coal on your hardwood floor, the floor could suffer damage. While a few small scratches aren't much of a concern, the longer they stay, the more prominent they become.

Rather than replacing your hardwood floors, consider scheduling a refinishing practice to remove the large marks and scratches. Refinishing is an effective, affordable, and reliable procedure that delivers the desired results.

2. Fading

You probably remember the shining luster of your hardwood floors when they were newly installed. However, as they take on the sun's heat, water, chemicals, and other destructive elements, the floor is bound to lose its luster.

If you see some faded or discolored spots on the hardwood and want to restore its initial shine, you may want to reach out to the experts. Hardwood refinishing should restore that luster once the professionals apply a fresh coat of stain.

3. Water Damage

Was your home recently flooded? Does it suffer from water damage occasionally? While hardwood floors are normally designed to resist water damage, they can give in to the pressure over time and absorb moisture. A delayed treatment causes them to warp and encourages mold growth.

If you call the professionals right on time to refinishing the hardwood tiles, you may salvage the situation and dodge a replacement service. You may also want to call the water damage restoration professionals to address the water source and guarantee long-lasting refinishing results.

4. Remodeling

Do you want to give your home a new facelift? What better way to achieve that goal than to refinish your hardwood floors? It is a relatively inexpensive option that would preserve your floor rather than an entire replacement schedule.

Moreover, it's possible to change the floor color by applying an entirely different stain. The refinishing contractors will guide you through the recommended procedure for desirable results.

Do you think your hardwood floors need some replenishing? This guide can help you determine whether it's time to reach out to the hardwood refinishing experts.