What Flooring Should You Put In Your Basement?

18 May 2021
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Are you finishing your basement and you need to pick flooring to put in the space? If so, you're likely looking for an option that will perform great in a space that often has moisture. 


One very popular option for a basement is carpeting because it is soft to walk on and feels warm. However, you still need some sort of subfloor to lay underneath the carpeting. That subfloor is going to be key to keeping the moisture away from the carpet padding that would otherwise rest directly on the concrete floor. A subfloor gives you some spacing between the cool concrete and the carpeting so that condensation doesn't absorb into the carpet and the padding. Without the subfloor, you are going to have a musty basement smell due to mold and mildew buildup.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

A very popular choice that you can put in your basement is luxury vinyl plank flooring. It is going to replicate the look of hardwood flooring very well and be able to withstand moisture damage as well. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is constructed with moisture in mind since it is waterproof. Even if you get water in your basement, the flooring material will not be damaged and require replacement.

Another great reason to use luxury vinyl plank flooring in a basement is that it is a floating floor material. It can be laid directly on top of your existing flooring material without having to nail down anything to the concrete. If you decide to use a subfloor, you'll have additional protection from moisture since it even provides some drainage if condensation forms along the floor. 

Ceramic Tile 

You'll want to select ceramic tiles for your basement when you want to heat the space with radiant in-floor heat. By placing electric cables within the floor, you'll make the floors feel warm and have the heat radiate up. It will make the basement feel comfortable when the temperature drops, and solve the problem of how you keep your basement warm in the winter. In addition, the material is completely waterproof if it were to get wet at some point.

Floor Coating

Another option is to leave the flooring as it is but to cover the flooring with an epoxy coating. Epoxy is a waterproof material that comes in several colors as well. The result will be that your floor will no longer look like concrete, and you won't have to deal with what you do when moisture gets underneath your flooring material.