Alliance Format

If you listen to Library Access you may have heard us discuss alternate formats in an earlier episode. We came up with what we named: Alliance. In the Alliance format, each player compiles a deck consisting of a single (complete) house taken from […]

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1/15/2019 Tournament Results

Jan 18  Nick  

32 players from around the globe gathered Tuesday evening to participate in’s weekly Crucible tournament. Each player “brought” a verified deck of their choosing and competed in a “single elimination” Archon-style tournament! Players brought the best deck they had […]

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“Sealed” is Now Available on The Crucible!

Jan 07  Nick  

Crucible players will be pleased to learn that a “sealed” format is now live! is a fan-made platform where Keyforge players can play the game online via a web browser with others around the world. Up until now players […]

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Master Vault App Update (Android/iOS)

Dec 30  Nick  

The Keyforge “Master Vault” companion app for iOS and Android has been updated to include casual play win/loss trackers (under each individual deck) as well as a quick link on the home screen to the rulebook (this opens the rulebook […]

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We Made A Mockup Of A Keyforge App!

Dec 25  Nick  

“I so want to play Keyforge, but I have no friends to play with”, little Timmy cried. “I am both very alone and my LGS does not host Keyforge events. Also, I am a child with no disposable income or […]

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This Combo BREAKS the Game

Dec 19  Nick  

Odette, Exepoint Stablehand. This Dis, Shadows and Sanctum deck appears average-enough on the surface – but with a little luck of the draw this deck packs not a punch, but a K.O. While the nature of a unique deck game […]

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LIBRARY ACCESS: A Keyforge Podcast

Dec 04  Nick  

The Keyforge is excited to announce our first podcast – Library Access: A Keyforge Podcast Library Access will serve as a casual roundtable to discuss any and all things Keyforge-related. Don’t like the casual chatter? Stay tuned for our other […]

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Welcome to The Keyforge!

Nov 28  Nick  

Hello! I just thought I’d take a moment to welcome everyone to our new website,! The goal of this site is to create a single, unified community resource for anything and everything Keyforge-related. We hope to cover news, publish […]

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