Alliance Format

Alliance Format

Feb 21 Nick  

If you listen to Library Access you may have heard us discuss alternate formats in an earlier episode. We came up with what we named: Alliance. In the Alliance format, each player compiles a deck consisting of a single (complete) house taken from any 3 existing unique decks.

We put this new fan-made format to the test at a local LGS (during a casual, non-Keyforge night) and had 8 players come down to give it a shot – a pretty excellent turnout for a casual night that wasn’t officially hosted by a store!

Even more interesting, the consensus was 100% positive – multiple participants made comments throughout the night that they were particularly interested in now having the ability to “ressurect” a deck of theirs that had one or two particularly weak houses, but an incredibly strong third.

We’ll be posting about unofficial/fan-made formats on our FORMATS page (an easy place to keep track of format-specific rulings).

Have you tried any crazy formats? Tell us how it went!

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