Pocket Universe: The Big Bang

Pocket Universe: The Big Bang

Jan 25 Joshua Ely  

Welcome to Pocket Universe, a monthly series in which I open the door to my own personal world of Keyforge and share some of the cards from the past month that I found particularly useful/interesting. Everyone has a collection of favorite cards, combos and houses – these are often ever-changing as players pilot more decks and explore various formats.


I must admit, like many I was excited about the famed Four Horseman…otherwise known as the Horseman, Motorcycle/Chariot Guy, Frogman, and Spider Guy. Did they live up to my personal hype?  I also must clarify, this is not a list of what I consider to be the “best” cards, or combos worth rushing out to find in a deck. This will be a revolving door of my personal month-to-month favorites in an attempt to shed some light on some of the less popular, blending-in-with-the-rest cards/combos that may deserve a bit more recognition.


Action – Lost in the Woods

This is my coffee card.  When I first came across it in play, the fireworks failed to go off in my brain – I certainly was not immediately struck with the usefulness of this Action card. Much like coffee, it (for me) was an acquired taste and I now find myself hoping for it in every Untamed deck I own. This addiction of mine came to be via the use of a single deck. Once I pull my Bear Flute it is a constant barrage of Lost in the Woods, turn after turn. The card lore suddenly springs to life as my opponent becomes increasingly lost…incapable of going anywhere with their deck as my Bears follow them around each agonizing corner.  


Artifact – Incubation Chamber

This was one of the cards that spawned this series. A fair amount of Mars hate exists in the Keyforge community, and it’s not without reason. While a bit tongue-in-cheek, a card literally exists that warns us, “Martians Make Bad Allies”! The “Omni” ability on this card really makes it sing. For all the anti-synergy with other houses, Incubation Chamber plays well with everyone. I am able to focus on my other two houses while at the same time setting up a Martian power-play. A personal favorite use is comboing this with Key Abduction to both forge a cheap key and set up a terrifying board state all in a single turn. Even those who hate all things Mars can find some joy in this card – it minimizes how often a player has to choose Mars as your active house.


Creature – Horseman of Famine

However cliche discussing the Horsemen may be, I enjoy so many of the facets surrounding this particular creature. First off, the raw creature removal power is undeniably powerful. The average power of creatures in the current card pool is 3.95, meaning he can almost single-handedly dominate the board state. Being able to make so many of your opponent’s plays irrelevant is truly valuable. HoF hold no bias and destroys without prejudice – position on the board, taunt, elusive, poison…these have no bearing on the Horseman’s choices.


Upgrade – Silent Dagger

When surveying the creatures in house Shadows, it’s easy to find yourself underwhelmed by their power. Ignoring the apparent lack of board-clearing power, there exists a plethora of aember-altering annoyances. I find myself giving this to Faygin the most – reaping to gain an aember, playing Urchin to steal, and with any luck killing something in the process.


Hopefully you have enjoyed this look into my personal favorite cards from January. Comment and share what your favorite cards have been this month!

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