1/15/2019 Tournament Results

1/15/2019 Tournament Results

Jan 18 Nick  

32 players from around the globe gathered Tuesday evening to participate in TheKeyforge.com’s weekly Crucible tournament. Each player “brought” a verified deck of their choosing and competed in a “single elimination” Archon-style tournament! Players brought the best deck they had available and took to the (virtual) table with others to see which one would be crowned victorious.


This week’s winner took home the 1st place prize, a custom wooden deck box, with “The Geeky Whip Tutor of Eglosburning”, a Brobnar / Dis / Sanctum power-house.

The Geeky Whip Tutor of Eglosburning




1 Anger 59 Gateway to Dis 225 Shield of Justice
10 Loot the Bodies 67 Mind Barb 227 Terms of Redress
10 Loot the Bodies 71 Three Fates 232 Gorm of Omm
12 Punch 74 Key to Dis 233 Hallowed Blaster
13 Relentless Assault 75 Lash of Broken Dreams 236 Sigil of Brotherhood
13 Relentless Assault 84 Eater of the Dead 241 Commander Remiel
21 Cannon 92 Pit Demon 243 Francus
26 Screechbomb 92 Pit Demon 244 Grey Monk
34 Grenade Snib 96 Shooler 251 Lady Maxena
36 Hebe the Huge 99 Succubus 254 Protectrix
39 Krump 101 The Terror 255 Raiding Knight
49 Wardrummer 106 Flame-Wreathed 256 Sanctum Guardian


We spoke with Andrew (A.K.A. ripred45676) after the tournament to ask him a few questions:


Q: How long have you had this deck and would you consider it your best?


I got it in November…so about 2 months. It was part of what I got when the game first shipped decks. To be honest, I stored it away as soon as I got it and hadn’t touched it until this week. I got tired of playing with what I thought was my best deck and decided to do some exploring, which is when I pulled this out. Looks like it is actually pretty good!


Q: That’s interesting considering that you won every game 3/1 keys with the exception of one (3/2). Was there a particular play-style or any particular combos you started looking out for while you were familiarizing yourself with the deck during the tournament? Do you attribute the win to any particularly helpful combos?


My favorite combo in the deck is Key to Dis and 2 x Loot the Bodies. Since Key to Dis is an Omni you can get 2 aember for each creature your opponent has and solidify board control with some Dis creatures. More or less every game I would end up with a lot of creatures on the board…and being able to stick a Pit Demon and steal aember each turn is great. Lash of Broken Dreams is also just such a good card. The biggest thing I got familiar with over the tournament was realizing I usually had more creatures than my opponent so trading 3 for 3 with a Key to Dis or Gateway is also fine. Relentless Assault is a really good skill-testing card in my opinion, which I got familiar with over the tourney. The ordering can really get you the extra 1 or 2 aember you need to pressure your opponent.


Q: How did you feel about your chances going into the tournament?


Honestly I hadn’t played with this deck that much but just wanted to see how it measured up, so I definitely thought I had mediocre chances coming in. Running into the competitor firesa in round #2 was rough because that is always a tough match. I’ve played them in a lot of events and they always do well and play well. Once I won that game though I thought I might have a good chance of doing alright.


Q: Which was your favorite match/deck/opponent to play against?


Round #3 against indyjb was definitely the closest game for me. It came down to having a Lash in play to get enough time to forge the final key. I think the most fun part of Keyforge is the battle for that last key since the play can be so back and forth with the game on the line.

TheKeyforge.com hosts free weekly tournaments (Tuesday at 8PM CST) – we’d love for you to join us!

Sign up here! https://challonge.com/thekeyforgetournament

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  • KevinCote
    Jan 18, 2019 @ 12:22 pm

    Great interview! It would be awesome to see some more statistics, like what houses and cards were most common in the tournament.


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