Mobius Scroll: Timetraveller

Mobius Scroll: Timetraveller

Jan 12 Morgan F  

Welcome back to the Mobius Scroll, a series of articles that aim to critically analyze the cards that are creating the most buzz in the world of Keyforge. This week we take a deeper look in to the Logos powerhouse, Timetraveller – and its commonly-paired card, Help from Future Self.


The Forgotten Hero

As we covered in last week’s Mobius Scroll, the Horsemen completely dominated conversation in the early days of Keyforge. Lost in this sea of hype was what I personally considered to be the real threat – this relatively innocent-looking Logos creature comes equipped with two power and a potent Play ability allowing a player to restock their hand by two cards. Our reality-altering ally also has an Action ability allowing the player to shuffle him back into their deck. Where this card truly shines is when it is paired with the special rarity card Help from Future Self (which will always be included alongside him due to the algorithm).




Help from Future Self has what people commonly refer to as a “tutor” effect – an effect that allows the player to search their deck and discard pile for a copy of Timetraveller and add it to their hand. This effectively means the player will have two chances to draw into Timetraveller at the start of the game. Despite all of this power Help from Future Self still has one more line of text; “Shuffle your discard pile into your deck.”



Out of 479,129 registered decks; 11,703 contain the timestream jumping adventurer and a meagre 171 contain two of him. This makes him only slightly more common than the Horsemen but still one of the least available cards in the game. Appearing in only 5.67% of Logos decks compared to Dr. Escotera (the most common logos card) who appears in 40.51% of decks. Interestingly, similar to the Horsemen, there are 0 maverick Timetravellers across all decks (likely due to how the algorithm handles the special rarity cards). It seems thenceforth that Timetraveller deserved just as much, if not more hype, than his mounted counterparts. 




Like all cards, Timetraveller works better in some decks than others. Let’s take a look at some of the potential combinations to look out for in a deck containing the red-headed daredevil. 

Besides the obvious free synergy you get since the two aforementioned cards come bundled together, within the house of Logos exists the rare action Reverse Time which swaps the player’s deck and discard pile. This allows the player to put Help back into their deck after playing it and then immediately fetch the previously-played Timetraveller back out of the discard that he was just added to. The versatile action Phase shift is also great addition to Timetraveller to help increase the power of his draw two effect (since those two cards aren’t always particularly useful to the player in the current turn if they aren’t Logos). Just like we discussed with Reverse Time, being able to recur Help from Future Self can be a very powerful ability and for this reason, Untamed is a nice pairing; due to Witch of the Eye and Nepenthe Seed being able to bring back any card from the discard pile. Nature’s Call and Lost in the Woods are also nice additions since the player can leverage the downside of having to shuffle their own creatures into their deck by having a unit they already want to do so with.


Combatting Timetraveller  

When playing against Timetraveller what can you do to effectively stop him? The obvious first option is to purge him – either from discard with a card such as Creeping Oblivion or directly from play using a tool to the likes of Yxilo Bolter or Oubliette. Annihilation Ritual is also a powerful card against any strategy that attempts to bring creatures back just like Help for Future Self does. Besides the specific cards that deal with everyone’s favourite scientist there is the psychology of what to do if an opponent deposits a Timetraveller on to the field; if they have already played Help from Future Self a player’s best bet is to try and destroy him as soon as possible to ensure he cannot shuffle himself back into the deck for subsequent uses. However, if you know the opponent has yet to play the companion card then it may be better leaving Timetraveller alive as the board is the one place from which he cannot be retrieved by his future self.


Closing thoughts

Be sure that whenever playing in a game containing our time-bending hero he is a card you pay attention to throughout. Timetraveller and his future self both have very impactful effects that can drastically alter the flow of a game – and being able to recognize this and plan to combat it is key to keeping your in-game advantage. However, just like all speciality cards, they will be more destructive in and against certain decks than others; and require a level of synergy and mindful play to make the best use of.


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  • KevinCote
    Jan 14, 2019 @ 8:43 am

    Solid article! Nice points on using purging card to counter Timetraveller as well.


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