“Sealed” is Now Available on The Crucible!

“Sealed” is Now Available on The Crucible!

Jan 07 Nick  

Crucible players will be pleased to learn that a “sealed” format is now live! TheCrucible.online is a fan-made platform where Keyforge players can play the game online via a web browser with others around the world. Up until now players were only able to import decks that had been scanned in to the Master Vault app – and all players needed to play with a deck was the publicly-available deck URL. This caused the increasingly popular trend of “netdecking” – using someone else’s deck as if it were your own…typically an exceptionally good deck.

Players who are interested in honing their “piloting” skills are now free to explore the provided “sealed” format. The feature randomly assigns each player a deck from the master vault, forcing them to learn their decks on the fly and rely less on the valuable cards that are in their own personal decks.

If you haven’t already, head over to www.TheCrucible.online and join the growing community!

Looking for people to play with? Our Discord is the perfect place to find them!

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