Master Vault App Update (Android/iOS)

Master Vault App Update (Android/iOS)

Dec 30 Nick  

The Keyforge “Master Vault” companion app for iOS and Android has been updated to include casual play win/loss trackers (under each individual deck) as well as a quick link on the home screen to the rulebook (this opens the rulebook PDF in a browser).

Also listed in the update notes, “minor bug fixes and performance improvements”. It’s likely this new app update is addressing some of the issues mobile users are having with logging in and adding new decks — users are also regularly unable to access their personal deck vault and/or scan in new decks.

The casual win/loss tracker was announced recently on FFG’s official Crucible Cast (episode #2) and the new feature has been available on the web-based version for about a week.

The update officially rolled out for Android and iOS yesterday and may take some time to be available for download for everyone. See some screenshots of the new updates below.

(Google Play)
(App Store)

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