We Made A Mockup Of A Keyforge App!

We Made A Mockup Of A Keyforge App!

Dec 25 Nick  

“I so want to play Keyforge, but I have no friends to play with”, little Timmy cried. “I am both very alone and my LGS does not host Keyforge events. Also, I am a child with no disposable income or transportation”.

Most Keyforge players have noticed the glaring lack of an online companion app with which to play the game. Alternatives do exist (The Crucible, Tabletop Simulator), or slightly more complicated ones like Skype/Facetime, but a truly solid (and official official) method is not currently available. The community consensus seems to be “yes, official online way to play will come — eventually.” – but we simply couldn’t wait any longer to see it. We at TheKeyforge.com got so darn curious about how a potential online counterpart could look/feel that we took it upon ourselves to wireframe one up! Below are a few images from ideas we had.

Exhibit 1 – The Main Menu: Nothing too exciting here. An option to explore the existing portions of the website/app (My Decks, Search Decks) as well as an “Options” page (assumedly to turn off animations, block messages, disable notifications, etc).

A big “Play Online” button takes you to some sort of a ready-up screen…perhaps where you choose the “type” of online play you’d like to get in to (casual/ranked, “sealed”, etc.).



Exhibit 2 – In-Game: Here it is, the bread and butter of our fake app mockup. The entire goal of this was to see how the game would feel on such a small screen. With 6 rows of cards (hand, artifacts, creatures — and the same for your opponent) we were curious if it’d feel too scrunched up. We tossed these images on an iPhone X and the (fake) game felt absolutely perfect. Cards would enlarge when tapped/long-pressed.



Exhibit 3 – Chat: We humans are social creatures. An optional chat (hidden away so you’re not bombarded with hate/trolling) would allow you to discuss strategy, decks, or how good their mom was last night (if you’re that kind of player).


Exhibit 4 – Quick Profile: By tapping your opponent’s name we could see a quick overview of their deck (and the deck’s win/loss – an interesting stat that other card games don’t typically serve up). We debated having an option to display the entire deck contents, but decided to leave it out because (in our hypothetical world) it would cause the game to drag on with unnecessary distraction delays. Perhaps a solution would be a 60 second grace-period at the beginning of each match to look over the deck lists — possibly just in more “serious”/competitive game modes? (Who cares? None of this is real anyway).



Exhibit 5 – Dialogue Box: Just an example of what an interactive dialogue box could look like. In this case it’s telling you that your opponent has disconnected/walked away from their device and is giving you the opportunity to hang tight or kick the opponent for a win.



Curious how it’d look on-screen? If you’ve got an iPhone X toss them in your gallery and open them fullscreen. If not, take a look at the photos below!

Psst – have you heard Library Access: A Keyforge Podcast yet? It’s available on YouTube and anywhere else podcasts live! (YouTube / Anchor)

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