This Combo BREAKS the Game

This Combo BREAKS the Game

Dec 19 Nick  

Odette, Exepoint Stablehand. This Dis, Shadows and Sanctum deck appears average-enough on the surface – but with a little luck of the draw this deck packs not a punch, but a K.O.

While the nature of a unique deck game typically serves to stop people from building what would be described as a “broken” deck – and as a result each set can contain incredibly powerful cards and potential combos that won’t likely ever see themselves appearing in a single deck (either by design or coincidence) – this very same “it’s very unlikely so a card ban list is unnecessary” mindset has spawned a handful of mind-boggling combos. Today we’ll take a look at an especially interesting one that stood out.

Most of this deck’s contents are pretty run-of-the-mill…but dig a little deeper and you’ll notice a particularly out-of-place card:

Witch of the Eye – Witch of the Eye, an Undead creature, makes an appearance in this deck in the form of a rare Maverick (an out-of-house card, in this case it becomes a Dis card). It reads: “Reap: Return a card from your discard pile to your hand.”. A convenient card in any deck, no doubt.

Control the Weak – An Action card. “Play: Choose a house on your opponent’s identity card. Your opponent must choose that house as their active house on their next turn.”.

Restringuntus – A Creature. “Play: Choose a house. Your opponent cannot choose that house as their active house until Restringuntus leaves play.”

This unintended combination creates a fascinating game-ending loop.

First, Restringuntus is placed on the board. With Restringuntus you can select one of your opponent’s three houses – we’ll assume Logos – to bar your opponent from choosing until Restringuntus leaves play.

Then, Control the Weak is played. With this we’re able to select a house that your opponent must choose as their active house. We pick Logos. The opponent, on their next turn, is forced to pick Logos – a house that Restringuntus specifically states they may not choose.

Finally,Witch of the Eye. With Witch of the Eye’s reap effect, we’re able to pull Control the Weak out of the discard pile, in to our hand…and then back on to the field to generate 1 aember and start the process over again.

This post has no purpose – it isn’t intended to point out a flaw in the game mechanics or complain about an OP combo – it’s simply to illustrate an interesting unintended effect. It’s obvious that with a game like Keyforge there will be a period of time where poorly-planned interactions will require some sudden rulings – but in the meantime it’s a fun side of the game to explore. In the context of this particular interaction the answer seems obvious: you may only select an “applicable” house for cards with such options. Another factor to consider, these cards specifically mention “picking” the house (as opposed to a card that bars them from “playing” or “using” cards from that house) – so common sense dictates that one of these cards negates the other (perhaps in the order they’re played)?

Have you encountered any other neat combos in any of your decks? Any game-breaking mechanics that deserve a spotlight? Let us know in the comments!

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  • George
    Dec 19, 2018 @ 14:29 pm

    I’m curious as to why you think this is unintentional?

    It’s clearly intentional to me. This is a combo game. Things like this are fully present everywhere in KeyForge.

  • Alex
    Dec 21, 2018 @ 8:54 am

    Those abilities just cancels each other, IMHO for sure.

  • Dale
    Dec 21, 2018 @ 10:33 am

    The opponents would still have urns. You can’t use witch without calling untamed, the turn you call untamed and reap with the witch you have no way of stopping the opponent from taking their turn as normal unless they have a hand full of logos and can’t call it to discard. Or am I missing something here ?

    • MrPopo
      Dec 22, 2018 @ 10:54 am

      In this case it’s a Maverick Dis creature, but in the usual case of the lock out you use Dominator Bauble to use your Untamed Witch of the Eye.

  • Ben A
    Jan 2, 2019 @ 17:58 pm

    This particular interaction is covered by the FAQ. Don’t know if that ruling came out before or after this article. But the FAQ clarifies that in a situation where there are 2 mutually exclusive requirements, the active player chooses which one takes precedence.

    On the other hand, with this combo what you could do is spend a few turns preventing the use of one house in order to fill their hand with one faction, then kill off your creature and start using the witch and action card repeatedly to force the use of a different house that they don’t have any of on the board, hopefully keeping them from having space in hand to draw at the end of the turn.

  • KeyforgeMixer
    Jan 7, 2019 @ 18:15 pm

    This has been discussed officially. I believe it was in either episode 1 or 2 video. They said that you would act as if there was no active house chosen.

  • Wincelet
    Jan 25, 2019 @ 14:22 pm

    Cannot overrides must as of January Rules update:

    If two card effects are simultaneously instructing a player that they
    “cannot” do something and that they “must” or “may” do the same
    thing, the “cannot” effect takes precedence.


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