There’s Something About Brobnar

There’s Something About Brobnar

Dec 12 Jason  

The results are in from Keyforge’s $1K event. Held at Island Games in Virgina on December 8th was a gauntlet format event (where each player brings 3 decks) – once a player loses a match with a deck that deck cannot be used again for the remainder of the tournament.

The event results were a surprise to many. The “expected” top-tier decks were curiously missing from the meta. No Horsemen, no Time Travelers, no Library Access. The exceptional outlier was house Brobnar with a whopping 9 out of 12 Brobnar-sporting decks registered by the top four players.

We’ve looked over the lists, I’ve checked them twice. Time to see what cards are naughty AND nice!

Loot the Bodies – Everyone’s favorite Brobnar war chant. This action allows you to gain 1 aember each time an enemy is destroyed during your turn. Brobnar is fully-loaded with ways to make your creatures crush, kill and destroy. It makes perfect sense that this card would be a standout – and a standout it was. It allows you to gain your aember during a turn where you still get the chance to control your opponent’s board tempo.

Pile of Skulls – Seeing this rare card on three of the winning lists speaks for itself. Brobnar is notorious for lacking in aember control, but Pile of Skulls introduces some much needed balance in an otherwise aember control-less house. For those unfamiliar, Pile of Skulls is an artifact that allows your friendly creature to capture an aember whenever an enemy is destroyed during your turn.

Shadows was another faction seen frequently during the event, appearing in 9 out of 12 of the winning lists. Shadows is known for having some of the best aember manipulation in the game. It seems that most of the time even the less-manipulative Shadows cards tend to provide aember…it’s truly the Santa Claus of Keyforge (but you get all the presents).

Keyforge is a racing game at its core – speed is everything – and getting to your 3 keys first is what it’s all about. Analyzing every deck list that wins is an endless rabbit hole, but it’s both interesting and beneficial to take a glimpse at the kinds of decks that aren’t pulling any punches.

If you’re interested in seeing the winning lists, they can be found on Facebook.

Congrats to the top 4 winners! Until next time, Happy Forging!

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