Be cool.

Be cool.

Nov 30 Axi  

Hello, Keyforgians (Keyforgians?). I sat down to think up an idea for a post and while I had a few that crossed my mind I couldn’t shake a topic that keeps coming up when discussing the game/community. It’s one that (I hope) most everyone can agree on and can be put pretty plainly:


Be cool.


Keyforge and the community that is spawning around it is very much in its infancy, which is an exciting prospect in itself. With this new-found territory we (as players) have a fair amount of freedom to decide “how things work”: what is good in-person etiquette, how will alternative formats work, which content creators will take the spotlight, etc. — but the most important of them all, in my opinion: how players will treat one another.


Something I’ve learned is that you can’t change the internet’s mind – this has always been true and will remain true. I’d argue that the exception to this rule is when there’s no consensus created yet. Now is a pivotal time in this game’s life where the community can decide how much nonsense (trolling, name-calling, poor sportsmanship, etc) it will allow.


This post isn’t meant to act as some holier than thou manifesto – I don’t expect thousands of Keyforge players to band together and take trolls by storm…I’m simply asking that while we go about your day-to-day Keyforge life (whether it be at a tournament, on a Discord, in a Facebook group, etc.) that everyone considers that they have the power to foster a fun, helpful and inviting community – or create the exact opposite.


In a heated argument with someone? Take the high road, bow down. See someone getting undeservedly slammed? Chime in and suggest a more peaceful tone. The thought of interjecting yourself in a fight can seem scary (who wants to jump in the crossfire?)…but if even a fraction of the people occupying these communities made a point to say “hey, we’re not gonna do that here” everyone would win in the end.


The very last thing we want for this community is for it to turn away new, excited players.

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  • Adam
    Nov 30, 2018 @ 1:19 am

    Hail Archons! would be a more appropriate greeting 😀


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