Alliance Format

If you listen to Library Access you may have heard us discuss alternate formats in an earlier episode. We came up with what we named: Alliance. In the Alliance format, each player compiles a deck consisting of a single (complete) house taken from […]

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Pocket Universe: The Big Bang

Jan 25  Joshua Ely  

Welcome to Pocket Universe, a monthly series in which I open the door to my own personal world of Keyforge and share some of the cards from the past month that I found particularly useful/interesting. Everyone has a collection of […]

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Counter Pressure

Jan 19  Joshua Ely  

In a previous article we took a look at Keyforge’s common tug of war battle in the form of pressure. Last time we discussed the different types of pressure (Aember, Board, and Disruptive) – as well as how to apply them. […]

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1/15/2019 Tournament Results

Jan 18  Nick  

32 players from around the globe gathered Tuesday evening to participate in’s weekly Crucible tournament. Each player “brought” a verified deck of their choosing and competed in a “single elimination” Archon-style tournament! Players brought the best deck they had […]

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Archon Mechanics: Keys

Jan 16  Chenne  

Welcome back to Archon Mechanics, where we lift the lid on the engine of Keyforge and take a closer look at the game’s inner-workings! Last week we covered Aember, the first step to reaching the end-game. Now, we’re exploring the […]

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Mobius Scroll: Timetraveller

Jan 12  Morgan F  

Welcome back to the Mobius Scroll, a series of articles that aim to critically analyze the cards that are creating the most buzz in the world of Keyforge. This week we take a deeper look in to the Logos powerhouse, Timetraveller – […]

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Archon Mechanics: Aember

Jan 09  Chenne  

When I began learning how to play Keyforge I was taken aback by how easy it was to pick up. The phases of each turn are easily understood. However, at times certain keywords and mechanics flat-out stumped me. Either they […]

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“Sealed” is Now Available on The Crucible!

Jan 07  Nick  

Crucible players will be pleased to learn that a “sealed” format is now live! is a fan-made platform where Keyforge players can play the game online via a web browser with others around the world. Up until now players […]

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Mobius Scroll: The Four Horsemen

Jan 03  Morgan F  

Psst: Our forum is up, but it’s a little quiet! Hop on over and make some noise if you’re so inclined! [GO TO FORUMS] Welcome to the first edition of Mobius Scroll, a series that takes a deeper look into […]

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Jan 01  Joshua Ely  

With KeyForge players encounter a number of interesting decisions during games that direct the course of the game. How should you be playing to ensure a win? So many things to be considered: we could cover the developing meta game, […]

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